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Edged Weapon Displays
This section of the site features displays I have designed specifically for edged weapons.

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Above, we have matching displays for (left to right) the 1933 SA, Land Customs, RAD Leader and NPEA Student daggers. You can see from this illustration that my basic design is compatible with virtually any style dagger and any hanger configuration (or no hanger at all). They are also easily adapted to accommodate a portepee when displaying daggers so equipped. Also, please note that the SA display has been customized to allow the owner of the dagger to add an SA Sports badge.
The displays pictured above are crafted of solid red oak with a natural/clear, satin polyurethane finish, but I offer the displays in virtually any species of wood. Please be aware, however, that your choice of wood other than oak, walnut, or mahogany may have a considerable impact on the finished cost of the display.
You may also select an attractive backing in your choice of colors in lieu of glass. 

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Next up, a combination of sorts, making use of one of my dagger displays and a variation of my headgear displays, allowing the collector to show off both a near-mint 2nd Model Luftwaffe dagger by Karl Julius Krebs and a choice example of an Erel Luftwaffe officer's visor hat.

And here’s a vertical, wall-mounted display for a Kriegsmarine officer’s saber, hangers, and dress, brocade belt. This case is crafted of solid, quarter-sawn red oak with carved rosettes and fluting, watered silk backing in navy blue, and dolphin finials on the top of the casement.

Quite simply, a great way to protect and display a grea t sword!
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 The mantle-clock style displays are priced as follows:

  • For the Model 1933 Party-form daggers (SA,SS, NSKK and NPEA) with no hanger or with the standard hanger - $110.00
  •  For the Model 1933 Party-form daggers with a vertical hanger as well as most other pattern daggers - $125.00
  •  Add $15.00 for a badge loop
  •  Add $10.00 for “Iron Cross ribbon” inlay

Please note: The above prices are for standard displays in oak, walnut or mahogany. Other woods are available for an additional charge. Please contact me for a quote.

Sword and saber displays begin at $175.00 with pricing for options the same as above.  

The prices shown do not include postage. 

Prices shown do not include glass. This considerably reduces shipping costs and the likelihood that the glass will be broken in transit. I will provide you with the dimensions so that you may have glass or plastic laminate cut to size at your local hardware or home improvement store.  In the event you prefer your display(s) to be supplied/shipped with glass, please make that request when you place your order. There will be a slight additional charge  to cover the cost of the glass, packing, and shipping.

When ordering, please specify the species of wood and/or finish desired, the model of dagger and whether it has hangers and/or a portepee (if applicable), along with any options you wish to include. For sword displays, I will also need the blade length 

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Please note: Because sword/saber blades typically vary in length, my sword displays are made to order. In addition to making certain that the dimensions are appropriate, this also allows you to request any special touches you’d like to add, ensuring that your new display is exactly what you’re looking for!  e to add text.
Shown above is a free-standing, red oak case that displays a Luftwaffe Fliegerschwert  in the horizontal position along with its accompanying belt-loop hanger. Note the inlaid 'Iron Cross ribbon' detail in the top center...
A third option allows you to display a dagger or bayonet on one side and an assortment of badges, medals, or other items on the other as shown in this mahogany display for an SA dagger, a Party pennant, and a selection of tinnies.

Here's one for the Luftwaffe enthusiast! Pictured is a maple display for the 1st Model  Luftwaffe dagger  and a host of decorations...
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 toYYet another  1st Model Luftwaffe dagger display, this one presenting the dagger horizontally and featuring a laser-engraved text block providing the viewer with the name of the U.S. soldier who brought it home from World War II. Note the nicely figured walnut requested by the collector...
This simple, but striking display illustrates why walnut is a favorite with collectors commissioning my work. The darker tones and character of the grain, along with the bright red, watered silk backing make this Army officer dagger really stand out. Also note the nice accent provided ba short length of WWII Iron Cross ribbon
This term refers to my basic, standard production edged weapon displays. They are offered in your choice of wood and/or finish, can accommodate virtually any model, and may be easily customized with options like Iron Cross ribbon inlays, badge loops, colored backing, and laser etched graphics.   dd text.