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Headgear Displays
My headgear displays have proven to be the most popular offering from the woodshop; to say they have been well-received would be an understatement. I attribute the success of the displays to their versatility and the fact that they are one of the best products available for displaying visor hats. The key element is the adjustable shaper / stretcher insert that 1.) restores and preserves the original, oval shape of your hat and 2.) allows the hat to be displayed or stored supported by the sweatband (much the same way it was designed to be supported when in wear). 

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Here is a photo of the shaper/stretcher insert in my Kriegsmarine Officer's visor hat:
Over time, your hats lose their original, oval shape and become fragile.
Headbands on hats shrink if not worn or placed on a hat stand for support. Visors on hats can lose their shape and start cracking with many years of improper care. Resting a hat on the visor can cause it to separate from the hat.
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No longer does the collector have to choose between setting a sixty-plus-year-old hat on a shelf with the weight resting on the visor or placing the hat on a stand, mannequin head, or hat-form that doesn't fit properly and presses up on the sweat shield and crown, distorting that "saddle" shape we find so appealing.

The stands also work very well with helmets. In fact, I display all my helmets - to include my prized WWII German paratrooper helmet - on these stands. Here again, the shaper/stretcher insert supports the helmet evenly and does not place undue stress any particular segment of the liner or suspension. It also eliminates the need to maneuver an often too-small support through the top of a helmet liner and then balance the helmet on the support. 
Here are a few more photos of the stock stands. First up, the turned spindle models:
Pictured below is an assortment of some of the more popular styles of headgear stands. These are generally available for shipment or can be made up and ready to ship in a week or so. Orders for custom sizes, finishes or designs are gladly accepted but, depending on workload, my turnaround time could be closer to thirty days. In rare circumstances - say after a show or if I'm in the process of filling a large order - the shipping/delivery window may be slightly longer. I think, however, that you will find it was worth the wait!
Next, the fluted spindle models:
One more option, the “pulpit style”, is popular with collectors who want a simple, sturdy stand with clean lines. These versatile stands can be made in virtually any height and are offered in a wide variety of woods / finishes that compliment any decor.
Another advantage my headgear stands offer is the virtually limitless options available to you, the customer, in terms of height. The shorter stands allow you to display your hats and helmets on shelves with little clearance. Alternating shorter and taller stands makes it possible to maximize precious lateral shelf space by "stacking" the hats as illustrated below:
The most recent addition to the headgear stand line is based on the infamous  ‘potato-masher’ hand grenade used by German troops throughout World War Two. The stand utilizes the same shaper/stretcher insert and base, but the support spindle is actually a full-sized, lathe-turned replica of the M-24 grenade. This stand is well-suited for helmets (especially paratrooper helmets) and other ‘combat’ headgear as shown here:
Lastly, I offer custom stands to suit your individual tastes and needs. Here are three examples of stands with custom lathe-turned spindles.

The stand on the left is made of recycled, antique white oak (note the checking and knots). The center one is made of red oak with a distressed mahogany finish. The far right stand is oak finished with gloss black enamel.
Lest you think my stands are only for Third Reich headgear, here’s a shot of a U. S. Army officer visor hat on the center stand from the preceding picture:
I have recently begun to create themed headgear displays. Here are just two examples:
This display's featured main focus is an attributed Kriegsmarine Officer’s visor hat. The other items represent the original owner’s service in both World Wars. In keeping with a nautical theme, the case is crafted from solid mahogany with maple accents and brass hardware.
This display, housed in a pentagon-shaped walnut case, contains a Bancroft ‘Flighter’ visor hat with the desirable ’50-mission crush’, a pair of headphones and an assortment of insignia, decorations, and personal effects associated with service in Europe as part of the U. S. 8th Air Force.

1 - $48.00
2 - $95.00
3 - $141.00
4 - $184.00
5 - $225.00
6 - $264.00
7 - $300.00
8 - $336.00
10 or more - $40.00 each

1 - $60.00
2 - $118.00
3 - $174.00
4 - $228.00
5 - $280.00
6 - $330.00
7 - $378.00
8 - $424.00
10 or more - $50.00 each

You may add the 'Iron Cross ribbon' inlay accent to the base of any stand for $15.00

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To order any of my standard production stands, simply indicate your choice(s) by style, height and finish (i.e., turned spindle, 7”, natural oak finish or fluted spindle, 11”, black enamel finish) Pricing for the standard model stands is as follows: add text.
NOTE: Prices include  stand(s) with the base in your choice of wood and/or finish and one shaper/stretcher insert per stand. 
Please note: The prices shown do not include postage.  Pricing for custom work and larger quantities available upon request…please call or e-mail for details.   

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Repairs can be costly and are almost never undetectable. It's best to avoid the damage up front...
The addition of a scale model B-17 “Flying Fortress” - bearing 8th AAF paint and markings -completes the display:  here to add text.
In response to numerous requests, I now offer inserts that allow any of my stands to display overseas (or garrison) hats. Pictured above left are are a khaki US hat and a Waffen SS enlisted man's hat on a pair of my stands. Note that the stand on the right features laser-ecthed SS-Sigrunnen. The photo on the right shows a Luftwaffe enlisted man's overseas hat on a pulpit-style stand laser etched with the Luftwaffe eagle.
I am now able to offer laser-engraved designs on my headgear stands. Pictured above are just a few of the designs. In spite of my best efforts, the photos don't do the quality and detail of the etch justice. Pictured are examples of the 1939 Iron Cross, the flying, Luftwaffe eagle, the closed-wing, Wehrmacht eagle and the SA-Sigrunnen.  The infamous SS-Sigrunnen is also available - see the photo below for an example of the SS stand in use...
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M-24 "Grenade" Stands:dd text.
Pictured below is a fine example of a Heer enlisted man's M-42 hat on one of my M-24 stands. Note that the base of this stand features my 'Iron Cross ribbon' inlay (detail in the photo on the right).
Overseas or Garrisson Hats:k here to add text.
In response to requests from a number of collectors, I now offer  a 1914 Iron Cross ribbon inlay for those wanting a way to make their display of  a World War One helmet or hat  something special. Please note that the bases featuring the inlay are not limited to the pulpit- style stands, but will work with any of my designs. In addition, the 'ribbon; inlays are increasingly popular with collectors commissioning custom work from the woodshop.
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Thanks to a great working relationship that I have with a local trophy shop, I am able to offer all of my products with highly detailed laser-etched graphics. This has proven to be very popular with my customers, one of whom  was kind enough to send me a series of striking photos of  some pieces from his extensive collection on my stands. Hopefully, you can get a feel for both the quality/detail and variety available: